Saturday, March 20, 2010

Topic: PWD is eating trees in the name of Common Wealth Games

It’s Barely a week after students protest from Kamla Nehru College & Gargi College against a tree-cutting drive for Siri fort road-widening project, which is eating trees & space for pedestrian.

Where world on other hand screaming & creating awareness to save trees, its seems PWD acting like a deaf in such scenario. The road widening project was undertaken ostensibly for the commonwealth games. This project will eat heavily tress & pedestrian space.

A tree that live for 50 years generates Rs.5.3 lakhs worth of oxygen, recycles Rs.6.4 lakhs worth of fertility and soil erosion control, creates Rs.10.5 lakhs worth of air pollution control and Rs.5.3 lakhs worth of shelter for birds and animals. Besides, it provides flowers, fruit and lumber.

So, when ever one tree falls or is felled, the city loses something worth more than Rs.32 lakhs .

Think again before u cut a PWD is listening how much delhi is loosing from this project.

Note:- news covered by TOI dated:7/03/2010

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