Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fighting Global warming with sunscreen lotion!!

What sunscreen lotion yes it’s so true at this summer, It just we enter into march & mercury already touched 39 C, I am scared what will happen when v reach June. All gals already started shopping branded sunscreen lotions to protect them self from sunrays, of course they can’t stop going out....... one has to reach office, colleges & what about hanging out at CP. the only way they can fight with GWE (global warming effects).

Boys has something to celebrate after all every year rising temperature (thanks to global warming) they would get a chance to see gals sexy legs (shorts :-) & on other hand they keep them self cool with energy drink .U know it’s so hot here :-)!!

Everyone has a unique way of handling GWE, some people take a break in leading global coffee brand outlet, they don’t mind paying RS.200 to 300 bucks to spend 1 hr in air conditioner (AC) and that all cum with great music & following crowd. Some people might drop Delhi metro for few months because Delhi metro AC is not that effective as there car’s AC. Some people will buy more effective AC upgraded with new tech. to freeze them self this summer & save electricity bill ( ek panth do kacch). People who can’t afford AC will take shower 2 or 3 times in a day no matter how much govt cry to save water (remember every drop counts). Poor people who even can’t afford water cooler will pray & bribe God for heavy rainfall. Labour spent the day under the shadow of tree. In India every individual has a unique way of protest against Global Warming impacts.

But no one bother to find out the root of GW and no one want to contribute towards environment, everyone is ready to take the benefits of tree (park their vehicle under the shadow at parking area, like to sit, stand etc) but no one wants to plant a tree, because they are very much occupied with daily schedule or lets everything pour down on Govt for failure :-).

Youth would sit at college cafe/cafe outlet & talk about it, also find out the solution, advice each other feel intellectual with their thoughts ........If given a chance they have done so much for society but when it’s time for implementation u listen most of this “R u talking to me, How can I do it I m always occupied with studies after coaching class” No matter they like to take a break with their occupied schedule & bunk lectures to catch each other at cinema theatre, bhai that’s the only place people know each other better & closer, moreover where else u get AC is just Rs.150 for three hours....!!

Pretty much everybody’s bothered when they hear about it, most forget about it usually less than 3 minutes later, and close to no-one takes action

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Topic: PWD is eating trees in the name of Common Wealth Games

It’s Barely a week after students protest from Kamla Nehru College & Gargi College against a tree-cutting drive for Siri fort road-widening project, which is eating trees & space for pedestrian.

Where world on other hand screaming & creating awareness to save trees, its seems PWD acting like a deaf in such scenario. The road widening project was undertaken ostensibly for the commonwealth games. This project will eat heavily tress & pedestrian space.

A tree that live for 50 years generates Rs.5.3 lakhs worth of oxygen, recycles Rs.6.4 lakhs worth of fertility and soil erosion control, creates Rs.10.5 lakhs worth of air pollution control and Rs.5.3 lakhs worth of shelter for birds and animals. Besides, it provides flowers, fruit and lumber.

So, when ever one tree falls or is felled, the city loses something worth more than Rs.32 lakhs .

Think again before u cut a PWD is listening how much delhi is loosing from this project.

Note:- news covered by TOI dated:7/03/2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

Can Blog, debate, conferences & SMS save our environment!!

Much have been said about the importance of preserving our Environment and the Nature, but only a little has been done in this regard. Most of us today will agree to save our environment but will hardly do anything for it. Time today demands action and that too in a big way. Mere thoughts, awareness and sympathetic attitude will not serve the purpose. Many of us honestly want to contribute something towards this cause but don’t know what and how to do it!

So I thought to list the efforts of some people which impressed me and may probably kindle some more ideas in you too in this direction.

Greenfireworld is going ahead & above than discussion because greenfireworld believe |action speak louder than words|

Understand the only survival for global warming is to do plantation.

Grow more live more!!