Friday, March 19, 2010

Can Blog, debate, conferences & SMS save our environment!!

Much have been said about the importance of preserving our Environment and the Nature, but only a little has been done in this regard. Most of us today will agree to save our environment but will hardly do anything for it. Time today demands action and that too in a big way. Mere thoughts, awareness and sympathetic attitude will not serve the purpose. Many of us honestly want to contribute something towards this cause but don’t know what and how to do it!

So I thought to list the efforts of some people which impressed me and may probably kindle some more ideas in you too in this direction.

Greenfireworld is going ahead & above than discussion because greenfireworld believe |action speak louder than words|

Understand the only survival for global warming is to do plantation.

Grow more live more!!

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  1. a very nice thoughts you express .ilove ecolovers very much .i respect u my dear author